Your phone system greeting may be the first thing your clients hear... it could be your first impression. Make sure it's a great one!

As businesses manage day to day issues, it's almost unavoidable that some calls will be managed by your voicemail or auto attendant.

The better these tools sound, the more professional your business sounds, and the more confidence a potential client could have in your ability to help them.

While you can always produce your own recordings, music on hold is complicated by licensing. Depending on the copyright, the author or copyright holder (and their memberships, unions, and affiliations), and other details you may be obligated to purchase licenses from one or more organizations such as SOCAN (in Canada) to enable you to use music in your business.

Our music always includes applicable licenses!


  1. Media On Hold
  2. Music on Hold
Below is an audio player containing our own Media On Hold - combining helpful information, and outstanding voice talent you may recognize these professionally produced recordings can make your business stand out too!
Why don't you give these a listen - thenk of some points you want to make about your business?
Or let our producer suggest some for you?

Music on Hold is where it starts - consider some of these options for your own production! Seasonal selections and more categories are availalble. If you are looking for something specific please let us know?
Most Music On Hold is played when people call you and these plans give you the ability to taylor the music selection to match the character of your business - and then you can add professional voice overs to introduce your clients to new information about your business.

Our system does provide standard, generic hold music (free of charge) - this music is used by default when no other option is configured, and also used when you call out to someone, and then put them on hold.

Did you know that some callers find it confusing to hear the person who answers the phone record the auto attendant prompts - consider using someone outside your organization - or our service!

Music On Hold with a message is the best way convert an idle listener into an engaged client.



There are two different but related professional voice recording services for Media On Hold - Audio Prompts, and Media On Hold.

You can select from a few different plan options depending on your requirements.

Media On Hold is a lot more complex than many people first think.

Recording voice and blending with music takes certain tools and skills - adjusting the volume to provide consistent sound, avoid clipping or other distortions - you want to provide reasonable volume - but not too loud - there are a lot of adjustments to make!


Our Terms of Service outlining in detail the terms and conditions and other legal aspects when you sign up for Media On Hold Services with us.


Choosing a voice (or voices) to represent your company can contribute greatly to how people receive your message. It can also help to separate your menu's and recordings from the staff that answer your phones.