Things that fall short of the mark (in our opinion). Where they do, why, and how... What could make them better?

Do I have to change? The answer to that depends on your comfort with what Facebook did / is doing. And may depend on a lot of things. Some people are jumping ship - others are prepared to weather the storm. Let me explain...

Earlier this year, we had some trouble with an Office 365 setup, but I can think of a dozen companies a similar experience could have happened with...

On this day, and as often happens with the site, actions seem to lag (ie. you create an account or a service, but it does take time to provision). This lead to an error where we had too many accounts added. Rather than risk someone being billed the wrong amount we attempted to contact them. That's where things got a bit murky.

2020-10-02 More COVID Alert news coverage. Sometimes it's bad to be right.

First, if you are coming here directly there was an earlier article. It's linked here:


Tonight, I found another article.

Finally. People are starting to pay attention to the issue. The article mentions some key details I'd forgotten - worth a read. One of them is that the federal government can't force the provinces to adopt the app. I'm sure given time they could find a way to coerce them. But that's a problem due to the delay.

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