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2018.03.23 12:15 Due to congestion on outgoing mail we were able to detect a pattern in delivery delays – business hosting on / seems to be affected.

Effective 2019.08.03, the Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexo are introducing changes to their numbering plan.

Mexico (country code 52) has traditionally prefixed mobile numbers with a 1 before the subscriber number internationally - so a number starting with 521 was easily identifyable as a mobile number. From August 3rd onwards that one should be omitted.

For example a number published locally as 045 56 1234 5678 would be dialed as :

011 52 1 56 1234 5678 prior to August 3rd.

011 52 56 1234 5678 on or after August 3rd.

Please update your staff as required regarding the changes - while we do not expect any trouble during transition, please report any issues you have to your support contact.

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