Media On Hold (MOH) - Voice Talent

Choosing a voice (or voices) to represent your company can contribute greatly to how people receive your message. It can also help to separate your menu's and recordings from the staff that answer your phones.

There are lots of things to consider when selecting the voice or voices that will represent your brand.

  • if your staff is mostly women you might consider a male announcer voice (or vice versa) to provide contrast?
  • the tone (warmth / authority / excitement) - what is your message?

Below are voices samples for the women and men who could record your messaging (both system prompts and MOH).

If your project is time sensitive, please consider making a backup selection - we'll let you know if your first choice would cause any delay in your production and seek your approval prior to using your alternate choice.

Female Voice Talent

Media On Hold (MOH) - Voice Talent Female

Male Voice Talent