VoIP Enhanced 911

This information is posted to assist our clients in ensuring their staff have the appropriate information available concerning accessing emergency services (911) through VoIP phones.

Your terms and conditions for 911 service will vary depending on whether you are a user of Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking.

As with normal 911, "testing" and "hang up" calls can result in unnecessary dispatch and the possibility of fees billed by Emergency Service providers in accordance with local bylaws. For more information, please contact Support.

VoIP Enhanced 911 differs from traditional PSTN 911 in several ways. Key differences include:

  • Location information is maintained through customer submissions (i.e. if you move the equipment without informing the service center, they will not have your correct location on file).
  • Calls are handled through a licensed NERC (National Emergency Response Center).
  • The NERC will attempt to confirm the actual location of the phone prior to dispatch to the localized 911 center in order to ensure the phone has not been moved.
  • Dialing 911 will still connect you to the NERC even if you move the phone; however, if you have moved the phone to a location not serviced by 911 or outside of North America they may be unable to help you. Dialing your local emergency services number is recommended.

Stickers directing users to this page should be installed on phones in accordance with CRTC requirements. Additional stickers can be obtained through Support. For information on applying 911 stickers please click here.

More information is available in your copy of the 911 Agreement. Please refer to your copy and contact Support using the form below with any questions.

Thank you