Never Miss a Text Message Again! (SMS)

Can you send and receive text messages on your office phone lines? Now you can!

With our phone system, you can eliminate busy signals... and with our new text / SMS options you can make sure you never miss messages either!

Supercharge your phone system with Text Messaging / SMS (need more information? scroll here!)


Text Enable your Business with Txt2Biz, your Staff with Txt2Me, or both!

2 Services – Which is right for your business? Maybe both!

Text enabling a “landline” (non-cellular number), and integrating it with your phone system is an advanced feature which can provide competitive advantage to your business:

  • Upgrade your notification systems
  • Allow clients to respond by text
  • Enable staff to have a “virtual cell”

BitBlock makes it easy with flexible integrations designed to suit the way you work – read on for more information to help you choose the best options for your company!


Text Enable your Business with Txt2Biz!

By adding Txt2Biz, your main business line can be text enabled! Incoming messages are distributed to staff through your existing infrastructure. No need to learn new tools – the process is quick and easy for anyone in your office to use. It can also be integrated with a variety of ticket systems so you can integrate with existing workflows. Ask us for more information!

Numerous benefits:

  • Send notifications to clients about appointments by text!
  • Receive call rejection messages (“I’m on the phone call me back”) instead of dropping them
  • Stop missing messages from people who assume you are on a cell phone!
  • Remove justification for staff to give out personal cell # to clients
  • Handled by your Reception or CSR teams
  • Enable selected staff or all your staff to send text messages on behalf of your company


Text Enable your Staff with Txt2Me!

Text for one? Text for all? Each staff member with a dedicated phone number could have their own Txt2Me service! 

Numerous benefits:

  • Remove the need to give out a cell number - this makes your office number act like cell number!
  • Stop missing messages from people who assume you are on a cell phone!
  • Enable separation of “work text” from “personal text”
  • Secure your client information which might have been lost or delivered by txt to a personal device (and not recoverable).
  • Private or delegated to smaller teams within an organization
  • Can be added to any number / seat on our network


Background: What is Text Messaging / Texting or SMS?

It’s the same thing (sort of). The term "Texting" or "Text Messaging" is often intended to mean SMS (Short Message Service). SMS has been a mainstay of cell phone communications since the old PCS days. As generations have grown up used to the cell phone, we traded flip phones for smart phones. More and more people have given up their “home” phone,  and people are becoming more likely to use SMS – even when they don’t know for sure if the other party is using a cell phone.

How many times have you rejected a call with a message? If the caller was not on a cell they might not receive it. Ask yourself - how many times do people do that to you? We think you want their messages!

SMS does vary by phone and carrier network – many phones (not all) support MMS (Multimedia Message Service) which allows “text” messages to contain audio, pictures and sometimes even video. Some phones (to varying degrees) even support “group chat” – allowing multiple people to be involved in a discussion. MMS often do not work when the sender and recipient aren’t on the same network or when one of the parties does not have a data connection (regardless if it is billed under the plan), as MSS is actually a data service, and tends to have user fees.

Text messages all started with 128 bytes (or 8 bit characters) which was later improved to 160 7 bit characters. Longer messages are chained together using multiple individual messages and recombined at the receiving side. This is known as concatenated SMS. Our system can support 5 messages concatenated for a total of 765 7 bit characters / 670 8 bit characters / 335 16 bit characters.

Our service leverages the text messages they are able to receive on their network without cost, and receives the most common messages they are likely to try to send.

In 2010, 6.1 trillion SMS messages were sent (Source: