Home Phone Services

Save on your phone bill - keep your number when moving and more! 

With BitBlock Home Phone, you can keep your existing phone number or get new one for your own area...

BitBlock provides phone service without the hassle - the most preferred options are included in one of two simple packages and switching is as easy as, well, plugging in a phone!

All you need is Internet (and we can help with that too if you like?)

One price - beware of "introductory prices" that will cost you more money every month!

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited BitBlock to BitBlock calling regardless of plan!
  • VoIP 911 - Emergency services are provided with your name and address
  • Call Display - know who is calling you
  • Call Forward - forward calls to another number
  • 3 Way Calling - figure out your plans - with two friends!
  • Group Ring - have more than one place to hang your hat? Ring all your phones at once - and know which number was dialled!
  • Call Return* - return the last call you missed
  • Do Not Disturb* - send all calls to voicemail or to a "can not be disturbed" notification - can be set manually or on a timer (for people who don't want the phone to ring after or before a certain time)
  • Call Blocking* - add up to 40 numbers which can not reach you or which go directly to voicemail - your choice!
  • Call Screening* - anonymous calls can be forced to reveal their number / record their name 
  • Works with ANY reliable internet service - Get a discount if you use ours! Keep your number, move anywhere!
  • Technical Assistance

Premium Features

  • Basic Voicemail
    • Record messages (#?)
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Voicemail to TXT
    • Voicemail transcription
    • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Second Line
  • Distinctive Ring / Extra Number - Add a new number in another city to make it easy and free for friends or family to call you

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