2020.03.12 Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

To all our Clients…

Our team at BitBlock is prepared to keep your critical systems stable through the current pandemic / health crisis.

For many years, BitBlock has been there to help our clients through problems such as emergency relocations, and even the wildfires in Fort McMurray – and we will continue to be here to help you now.

Here are a couple key points to keep in mind – our team is:

  • ...in contact with our network partners / upstream providers to ensure they are activating their own plans
  • ...working with our network partners who have implemented updated procedures regarding facility access
  • ...equipped to work at home / remotely to provide needed support to our Clients
  • ...limiting non-critical travel and meetings

Team members feeling any potential symptoms are encouraged to stay home / work from home (if feeling well enough).

Everyone is encouraged to utilize available resources:


So far the BitBlock team has avoided the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), and we hope this remains true for you, your teams, families and clients.

If your team needs any assistance adapting for business continuity please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 604.629.8338 (any calls we miss will be returned in the order received).


We have taken steps to increase our stock in hand of common power supplies to enable your team to work at home. We may have to limit the number of units per client to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to enable their key staff, but we are taking other steps as well.


Existing phones can be moved home with the addition of a power supply if you don’t have one already.


We are documenting migration plans for those that may want / need to add or switch to soft phones during this time – many of these options could be zero cost or low lost (in case of hardware, etc.).


Our team is prepared to help you – your continued success is our goal.


Additional updates will follow as needed.


Thank you,


BitBlock Systems, Inc.


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