Knowledge Base - Factory resetting a Yealink W52P/W60P

BitBlock supported phones automatically re-provision following a factory reset provided they have access to the Internet

CAUTION - Factory resetting your phone removes all settings and restores your phone to a "like new" configuration. Be sure to back up any settings you require. Only continue if recommended by your support technician or if you have no concerns for data loss or loss of phone service.

A factory reset of a cordless base will remove all non-factory DECT pairing information. All additional devices including handsets and range extenders will lose DECT pairing with the base during a factory reset. They will need to be reset and repaired as well.


Sometimes there is a configuration issue or other conflict that can be difficult to resolve. In these cases it might be recommended to go back to a known good configuration. This can be accomplished by a factory reset. After a factory reset, the phones will automatically recover their programming (excepting any user made settings such as additional device pairings, ring tones or speed dials). If a factory reset does not resolve the issue, it can be a way of proving a network fault.

Factory resetting a Yealink cordless phone is a simple proceedure but must be carried out at the base station:

  1. Power off the unit - if powered by PoE this might mean unplugging the network cable.
  2. Wait 15 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the connect button on the base station.
  4. Reconnect the power.
  5. Wait until all 3 status lights are on, showing solid green.
  6. Release the button and wait 5 minutes.
  7. Power off the unit.
  8. Wait 15 seconds.
  9. Reconnect the power.
  10. Your phone may update it's configuration after the reboot which may result in a second reboot process automatically within a minute or two of the first reboot.

If the reason for your reboot is related to difficulty in updating your configuration, this step should resolve the issue.

Applies To

Yealink W52P / W52H, Yealink W60P / W56H

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