Knowledge Base - Can my phone behave differently "after hours"? Or for holidays?

This is known as a Time Condition. Time Conditions allow the phone system to behave differently based on different times of day, days of week, or months of year.

In addition to standard options (Monday to Friday from XX to XX), we can set options to account for Statutory Holidays on their observed days.

The current holiday schedule includes:

2020 2021 2022 Holiday
Jan 1
Jan 1 Jan 1

New Year's
(and observed if noted)

Feb 17 Feb 15 Feb 21

Family Day (BC, AB, SK, ON)

Apr 10 Apr 2 Apr 15

Good Friday

Apr 13 Apr 5 Apr 18

Easter Monday

May 18 May 24 May 23

Victoria Day

July 1 July 1 July 1

Canada Day

Aug 3 Aug 2 Aug 1

Civic / Provincial Day

Sep 7 Sep 6 Sep 5

Labour Day

Oct 12 Oct 11 Oct 10


Nov 11 Nov 11 Nov 11

Remembrance Day

Dec 25 Dec 25 Dec 25


Dec 26 Dec 26 Dec 26

Boxing Day

There are a variety of schedules available. Schedules can include Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve as well. Please inform Support which schedule you would like to use.

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