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A feature of the FlexFax (Fax-To-Email) system is the journal. Similar to a "Fax Journal" from a traditional fax machine this log details the events received and forwarded during the previous day. Users of the Fax-To-Email system can monitor the journal to ensure they have received / viewed all faxes that were processed. This ensures that an email failure / outlook rule or other complication (junk filter, accidental delete, etc.) does not cause a fax to be missed.

In the event no faxes are received, an empty report is still generated each day.

If you failed to receive a fax listed in the journal (or misplaced the email), you can simply click the applicable link in the DocID column to resend the email message.

Please note, resending the email does not resend the fax - if there was something wrong with the fax (skewed image, or partial reception, etc.) you may have to ask the sender to retransmit the fax.

If you opt to receive the Fax-To-Email Journal, the ABSCENCE of a journal is an indication of a mail delivery failure, providing an error proof method of ensuring all faxes received have been viewed.

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