Knowledge Base - Accessing your Message Center (Voicemail)

There are three ways to access the Message Center.

The Message Center for your local extension

To access Message Center for your own extension, dial *97. Enter the password when prompted.

If you are prompted for the mailbox number, the phone you are using is not configured for voicemail but you can still continue to access a different mailbox.

Some phones may have a speed-dial or feature button programmed to access this function - this button will look like an envelope.

The Message Center For A Remote Extension

To access Message Center for a remote extension, dial *98, and enter the extension number followed by the line number. When prompted, enter the password.

For example, to access the voicemail for extension 1234, line 1, enter 12341.

Most phones will have only 1 voicemail box - some configurations may have voicemail on line 2 or more for special purposes. To access the mailbox on another line, select the line first, then dial *97 or use the *98 method.

All actions including checking messages, setting prompts, etc. apply to the remote extension entered as if you were accessing from that extension.

The Message Center From Outside

To access the Message Center from outside, a hidden option may exist on your IVR or Auto Attendant. Ask your office Manager.

Alternatively, you can press * during your voicemail greeting (N.B. This can be disabled in certain cases per company policy).

Enter the password when prompted.

You can transfer a caller directly to voicemail by dialing a * before the extension. Refer to your specific phone transfer guide for any notes on this process.

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