Knowledge Base - How do I use the Keypad and Buttons with Menus?

You press a softkey button or other buttons to enter menus on the LCD screen.

Using Keypad Shortcuts:

Use the keypad to enter the number of the menu or sub-menu item. For example, to reach the Call History menu, press the Setup button and press 2 for (Cisco), or 3 for (Lynksys)


NOTE Menus and options can change depending on the software release.


Using the Navigation Button:

Use the navigation button to scroll up or down through the menu items, and then press the Select softkey button or the center Select button to choose the highlighted item.


Entering Numbers and Text in Fields:

Some fields on the IP phones require you to enter numbers and text using the keypad and/or softkey buttons. In general, the following guidelines apply:

• Use the keypad to enter numbers and characters, pressing the key multiple times to select the correct number or letter.

• Press the number key multiple times to move to a different letter under that number. (For example, to enter “Mary,” you would press 6 five times rapidly and then pause (for M); press 2 and then pause (for A), press 7 three times rapidly (for r), then press 9 three times rapidly (for y).


Available characters are shown in the following table:


1 / : \ , ! ; $ ˄ |


















Space 0 ~ ? > ‘ < “


.@ * & % [ ] ˍ

 #/ P

 # + - = ( ) { }


Use the delChar softkey button to backspace and delete the last character. Use the Option > Clear softkey button to remove the entire entry.

Applies To

Cisco SPA504, Cisco SPA514G, Cisco SPA525G2, Yealink SIP-T21P-E2, Yealink W52P / W52H, Yealink SIP-T29G