Knowledge Base - How do I turn the Missed Call Shortcut On and Off on a SPA500 series?

This option controls the Missed Call notification that appears on your LCD screen when you miss a call.

To access this option: 

For a SPA504G:

  1. Press the Setup button
  2. Scroll to Preferences and press Select
  3. Scroll to Miss Call Shortcut and press Edit
  4. Press Y/N 
  5. Press Ok


For a SPA525G2

  1. Press the Setup button.

  2. Scroll to User Preferences and press Select.

  3. Select Call Preferences.

  4. Scroll to Miss Call Shortcut.

  5. Press the Right Arrow key to turn the feature on and press the Save softkey.

Applies To

Cisco SPA504, Cisco SPA514G, Cisco SPA525G2

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