Knowledge Base - How do I Play MP3 Files on my phone?

Your phone contains an audio player that can play .mp3 files. To play music on your phone, you must load the audio files onto a USB memory device (not sold with the phone). The phone reads the files from the device, so the device must remain inserted while playing the files.


NOTE Only MP3 music with no Digital Media Rights protection can be played on the CiscoSPA 525G/525G2 IP Phone.


Creating the Playlist

NOTE The MP3 playlist on the Cisco SPA 525G/525G2 is limited to 48 songs.

  1.  Connect a USB storage device to your PC.

  2.  Create a directory named “mp3” on the USB device and copy the audio files into that directory.

  3.  Remove the USB device from your PC and insert it into the USB slot on the Cisco SPA 525G/525G2.

  4.  Press the Setup button.

  5.  Scroll to MP3 Player and press Select.

  6.  Press Add List to create a playlist from the songs on the USB device.

  7.  Choose songs by choosing one of the following methods:

    1. Choose individual songs by scrolling to the song you want and pressing the Right Arrow key or the Select button.

    2. Choose all songs on the USB device by pressing SelectAll. You can clear all selected songs by pressing ClearAll.

  8. After choosing songs, the songs will be marked with a check in the box next to the song. Press Add to add the selected songs to the playlist.


Playing Songs

In the Playlist, scroll to the song you want to begin playing and press Play.

You have the following controls:

• Stop—Stop the song. Pressing play will restart song play.

• Previous—Move to the previous song in the playlist.

• Next—Move to the next song in the playlist.

• Back—Move back one screen to the playlist.


Controlling the Audio

Use the Volume button on the phone to turn the music up or down.

To switch the audio destination between the speaker, headset, and handset, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key. The icon on the left above the song length display shows the audio destination of speaker, handset, or headset.


Changing the Left and Right Channel for Stereo Headsets

When using a stereo headset inserted into the Cisco SPA 525G/525G2, you may need to switch the audio left and right channels to hear the correct audio channel in the right or left ear. To change the audio

  1. Press the Setup button.

  2. Scroll to User Preferences and press Select.

  3. Scroll to Audio Preferences and press Select.

  4. Press the Right Arrow key to set Swap L/R Channel to On.

  5. Press Save.

Applies To

Cisco SPA525G2

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