Knowledge Base - ERROR: "you have attempted to send a fax without any content"

This error is relatively rare, but can indicate two different problems:

  1. The email format itself is incorrect
  2. The document attached can not be read

In this document we will detail how to resolve the issue.

Incorrect Email Format

The fax system can accept plain text emails as well as HTML emails. HTML emails are commonly used when people embed signatures, or images, fonts etc. in a message to make it more attractive / readable.

Unfortunately Microsoft added a 3rd format which is only understood by their own software (and a few other tools). This formati is referred to as "Rich Text" and can be the cause of receiving an email containing an attachment labled "winmail.dat".

This attachment replaces the normal content of the message (the original information is encoded in this special archive). This could be related to a server configuration, but occasionally the message format is accidentally selected and that selection saved in the address cache.

To see if this is the issue (and resolve it if true) start a new message, and ensure the format selected is HTML or Plain Text:

Next, you need to clear the address cache for the fax address.

Start a new email and start to type "fax" you will see:

Click the X next to the email address to remove from cache ( or and then try sending again.

If that works you are set!


If not....


New or Unreadable Document Format

Sometimes when software is updated file formats change subtly. This can make it impossible for our systems to read the documents. Alternatively sometimes people change their tools (like from one program that creates PDF to another). In these cases we might need to review a sample to enhance FlexFax to accept the new format.

To help us do that, we need you to prepare a test fax that produces the error, then once you confirm it fails forward the message to our support team by email. This message should not contain any private information as it will be shared within our team to resolve the issue.

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