Knowledge Base - How do I disable VLAN on the LAN? [Cisco]

For work at home, if a VLAN is in use at the office, it will normally have to be disabled for at home use. This task is accomplished in two parts:

  • On the back end provisioning server
  • On the phone itself

On the backend provisioning system, this change should be made:

<Enable_VLAN ua="na">No</Enable_VLAN>

On the phone, change:

  1. Press settings (looks like a piece of paper with a folder corner)
  2. Scroll to network or press 9
  3. Scroll to Enable VLAN and press Edit softkey
  4. press y/n softkey to toggle value to N
  5. press OK softkey
  6. press Save softkey

Please note, the backend change MUST be completed before the change on the phone or the phone will revert when it is rebooted.


Applies To

Cisco SPA500DS, Cisco SPA504, Cisco SPA514G