Frequently Asked Question - What is an FAQ?

What is an FAQ?

A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question. On our website to help people understand all the new jargon associated with high tech topics such as our hosted phone platform, we group documents in a few ways.

  • The FAQ is broader - and can help people navigate this complex field - when you need help though we are only a phone call away!
  • Our BLOG sections are categorized articles detailing different content including things like Network information, Security, and product reviews / rants (a.k.a. What's wrong with...)
  • Under Support, we have:
    • Our Knowledge Base (detailed articles, often with step by step notes) on specific products and services
    • Open a Ticket is a wizard-style interface for submitting a helpdesk request
    • Intro to Zendesk is an overview of our support process
    • Glossary is a detailed list of technical terms you may never need! its responsible for the word FAQ being highlighted above. On all documents with "techie" words, the first occurence of each word can be hovered or clicked for an more details.

As always, we appreciate our reader's feedback! If you have a comment on how we can improve please use the contact form below and we will try to do better! Thank you!