For Whom the Toll Free Tolls

Toll Free numbers are a bit of a misnomer and are more complex than many people realize.

They can be Toll Free (without cost) to the caller - but are not always without cost. If the caller has a pay-per-minute phone system as many in the EU and elsewhere, every call has a cost. If the caller is dialing from a country or area where a "North American Access" service is available, that service may have a cost. And if they are a cellular user, that often has a local-airtime cost regardless of the dialed number. Don't forget - your business - the recipient of the call will be paying for it, so you want to ensure you get the best value.

Having a Toll Free number can be well worth the expens - but there are many considerations.

Toll Free numbers can be provided by many carriers and in many parts of the world - but they are not all the same - a North American Toll Free Number (1-833 / 1-844 / 1-855 / 1-866 / 1-877 / 1-888 and 1-800) are not often available outside of North Americe without a North American Access service. In fact most countries (and even most cell carriers) have unique Toll Free numbering systems.

Toll Free numbers are a bit of a misnomer - they can be Toll Free (without cost) to the caller - but are not always without cost.

Not to worry really - the locals in most countries will know how to dial a Toll Free number in their own country - often you just need to acquire the number.

To help you grow your business, we help connect you with Toll Free numbers through out North America but also world wide. Being able to have Toll Free number (a local number - another service we provide world wide) that works in remote countries can help you establish your presence there and adds to your credibility.

The thing to remember is that someone always pays for the Toll Free. To help manage your Toll Free costs (Toll Free reduction), we are able to identify your inbound calls so you know when you are on your Toll Free number. This allows you to decide when it's better to call a customer back (and get off the Toll Free number) which might have a much higher cost per minute than a normal local or even a normal long distance or international long distance call.

There are other considerations we can help manage as well - such as redundatn Toll Free routing, filtering, and more.

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