Notices about service interruptions we are tracking including 3rd party events, and details / resolution where available.

Please check here to view status updates on known issues. In the event you are experiencing an issue not documented here, or require direct confirmation of resolution, please submit a ticket? For additional information on our ticket system, and support process, please review the details found here.

During ongoing issues, updates may be posted during the issue, with a final resolution posted following the resolution of the issue.

We may monitor issues which are outside of our network or control in this section as they may affect our clients directly as calls to / from impacted areas might be perceived as a problem on our network.



A network issue has been detected in Greater Vancouver. The issue affects a small percentage of clients, but those affected may have NO service as the issue affects both Telus fiber (seems at this time to include retail and wholesale) as well as DSL services. Initial reports indicate Telus is aware of the issue, and is working on a resolution. At this time we do now have an ETA.

Services should in theory restore on their own however, you could undertake to restart your modem / router periodically in case your service does not automatically restore.

If you need assistance with this process please contact support @ 604.629.8338

Updates will be posted as available.


BitBlock Systems, Inc.

2019.09.16 16:15 PDT Network issue resolved.

Initial cause was a failed Telus router - part of their network core in Vancouver. The router caused partial to complete loss of some Internet connections on multiple ISP's with network services located in the Vancouver area. Affected services included DSL and Fiber and in some cases unrelated services overloaded by the loss of related primary services. Approximately one hour after the issue occured, the problem resolved.

Please report any residual issues for investigation.

Thank you,

BitBlock Systems, Inc.

Effective 2019.08.03, the Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexo are introducing changes to their numbering plan.

Mexico (country code 52) has traditionally prefixed mobile numbers with a 1 before the subscriber number internationally - so a number starting with 521 was easily identifyable as a mobile number. From August 3rd onwards that one should be omitted.

For example a number published locally as 045 56 1234 5678 would be dialed as :

011 52 1 56 1234 5678 prior to August 3rd.

011 52 56 1234 5678 on or after August 3rd.

Please update your staff as required regarding the changes - while we do not expect any trouble during transition, please report any issues you have to your support contact.

Thank you,

BitBlock Systems, Inc.

2018.03.23 12:15 Due to congestion on outgoing mail we were able to detect a pattern in delivery delays – business hosting on / seems to be affected.

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